Weblogs and the Idea of Connectivity

The heart of blogging is linking…linking and commenting. Connecting and  communicating – the purpose of the Internet. (George Siemens)

Since the birth of the internet human beings have been connected in a variety of different ways. Take social media for example, blogs and other html based communicating mediums have been the foundation for social interactions. Blogging was first envisioned in the 1990s with the creation of web publishing tools.  The term “weblog” was then coined by Jorn Barger in 1997 and then was later shortened by Peter Merholz when jokingly on his own blog (ironically) split the term into “we blog”. It wasn’t much longer until  the term “blog” became the standard form for something of that category.

How were people communicating before the creation of the blog? The internet was just starting to thrive and seeing the potential of people communicating, various groups of people used various tools like Usenet, GEnie, BIX, and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). These formats soon lead to foundations of blogs the web diary. Web diaries were just as simple as their name nothing more than an online resource for users to post their daily lives and experiences in an html format. Another way to think of a web diary was just a website that has its information (the posts) updated regularly with information concerning the topic (in this case the life of the user).

So what were the results of such a creation? Generally users use their blogs  as a digital chronicle of their lives and experiences. Politicians saw the blogs as a potential resource to submit their opinions on various issues (war, economy, ethics, etc…) so that potential voters could either agree or disagree on their opinions thus leading to the candidates gain or loss in support. Politicians were not the only ones who could see the potential of this valuable resource. Various marketing companies and businesses could make their own blogs to advertise the product and service that they are trying to sell. Not only that but they could also as for feedback on previous products or get input on what to design or implement next. With the speed and connectivity of the internet such information could be processed and received instantly. Another example, a sport team could use a blog to not only document the schedule for their games but also give their fans more information and interactivity with the team.

Blogging today though is not just about the words composed on the blog. Other mediums including pictures (flickr,  photobucket, and deviantart) can help enhance the experience of the blog post itself. Videos have also been quite popular enough that even blogs of users just speaking about a topic (known as vlogs) have become quite popular as well.

The internet  has open the world to a vast number of communication networks. Blogs are just one example to the media that humans use to interact and communicate with other individuals in our growing world of technology.



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