Tech of the Net Flash Version

Human beings are creators, flinging powerful images into the minds of their fellow-men. And all of these images are built of tiny particles of thought. ~Roy H. Williams

The internet has spanned over the course of time to be a vital tool in communication, socialization, marketing, and the list continues to grow. Since the early days of people linking information electronically through something as simple as a text-based document to more complex motion video. I want to focus on the more complex side of internet applications concerning flash player. Flash player is used to add animations, video , and other interactive tools. Here is an example of flash technology:

If you can interact with the animation of the robot in your browser  then that means your flash player is obviously up to working condition. These are just few of the many examples that flash is used throughout the web.

The history behind flash started when  Jonathan Gay made an application with the  SmartSketch software. It then went on to be known as  FutureSplashAnimator  until 2005 when Adobe bought Micromedia (the company that first bought the animating software) and thus changed the software name to Adobe Flash.

The format of flash files are labeled as SWF or Shockwave Flash Movies. They have also been called Flash Movies or Flash Applications. Regardless of the name all flash files must have the .swf tag at the end of the file name. By using vector graphics along with programming code can create up to even smaller flash files which in turn leads to lower amounts of bandwidth. While this maybe good for some examples like small animation projects it would not be advisable to use flash for longer video projects.

When it comes to video output, flash is considered a staple among internet browsers. This is mostly due to the fact that flash is easily programmable and has now obtained a popular status among internet users. Flash’s audio is usually in MP3 or AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) but does not have the features to support ADPCM. Flash is also universal over operating systems as it is on Windows, Mac, and even Linux  Flash is programmed in a language called Actionscript which is quite similar to the Javascript programming language. A notable difference between the two is that Actionscript allows for more ways to modify and process animations.

So that is why Adobe flash is a vital part of how we communicate with people through the internet today. Without this vital applet that is being used as I type this blog we would not be able to express our opinions on worldly matters, artistic ideas, and even just plain old slapstick humor.



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