So What Now?

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”   ~Pat Conroy

This is the first of the two reflection blogs that we are asked to write about for this class. This first one focuses on what I plan on doing next for beyond the course.  If I had to describe my plans in its most simplest form, it would be taking CIS 200 and go forward from there.

I believe though that this post though can go deeper and focus on what I plan to do within my studies of computer science here at K-State, but beyond into the work force or even further education.

When focusing on my college career, yes I do plan on continuing my studies in computer science further, which means that taking 200 a class that focuses on programming basics is a must. As mentioned in one of our video interviews 200, 300 (data programming and structures), and 501 (software architecture and  design)  focus on building the foundations for designing and constructing code. As I go further on beyond those “core” courses there is room to also put take electives for a variety of fields. One that was mentioned, security, did catch my attention and is something for me to consider when choosing electives. Another class that would be interesting is the game design courses that I could take later on after completing the core courses.

Along with my studies in my core courses here I also have signed up to minor in leadership studies. I believe that this pairing for my degree will be good for presenting myself to employers. I have also been trying to participate in the ACM (association for computing machinery) club here on campus but have been only able to attend the meetings that happen monthly. Hopefully, as my skills in programming develop, I will be able to compete in the programming contests that they sponsor.

After college is a totally different story. To be honest I haven’t really thought about what lies ahead that far in time. If I had to make a prediction of anything these are the main goals I want to meet in order for me to land a career. The first one is to get a job on campus that relates to the discipline in order to further hone my skills. Second, I will be trying to search for an internship  for a company and hopefully get to participate in that opportunity by the end of my junior year. If I can meet these goals, combined with degree and other activities I do on campus, I will have a pretty strong resume that will show employers that I will be more than qualified for the job.

As Mr. Conroy said the journey never stops. We as human beings will continue to grow and learn about the things that interest us. I can safely say that  look forward to continuing my journey in the field of computer science.

Sources: (catalog search for k-state classes)

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